Out of the Fog

Finally, my Tel Aviv light has turned on.

After 5 months of this hectic, dynamic city, which many times has brought me to ugly tears, it’s shockingly clicked.

The days have less struggle and more laughing. The nights are filled with friends instead of wonder and doubt.

Moving to a new country was nothing like I could have expected. In some ways, the move matched the path my twenty-something life was taking. Just one big swing, where the back and forth seems fun at first, but starts to make you queasy and frightened in a matter of seconds.

Throwing a new culture, new language and new people in the already confusing mix created a cocktail for disaster. I thought having lived here for 10 months would have prepared me, but not in the slightest. Counselors, program activities and a built-in group of American friends does not preparation make for such a thing as moving to Israel alone.

But I triumphed. I waited tables at the most American bar in Tel Aviv until I got lucky enough to find a great marketing job. I moved into an apartment with complete strangers that turned out to be my international family originating from 4 different continents. I picked up a girl at a gelato shop, went on a few dates with her and created a friendship I couldn’t live without. Most importantly, I learned to live alone and enjoy it. Although it’s a process, I have tried to master the art of enjoying life without a special someone. Instead of putting the interests of someone else first, I am building myself. Brick by brick, one book and one photography lesson at a time I am creating the person I can be proud of.

I write this with the glowing sensation of the salsa dancing I just got back from. Envisioning my friend and I completely butchering the art of latin dance while looking out onto the Mediterranean sea, laughing without a thought of anyone’s judgement.

This is why I moved here. I am glad I held onto that swing for dear life. This is where I want to be and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else…for now.