1. (of a person) traveling on foot.

Tel Aviv: A Twenty-Something’s Delight

After spending a week here, I’d go so far as to say Tel Aviv is the Mecca for Millennials in Israel. The absurdly convenient beach access, diverse inhabitants, and countless bars, clubs and restaurants perfect for street side dining/lounging make for one of the most captivating, relaxing and eclectic cities I’ve ever visited. It has...
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A Secular Girl In a Religious World

I took my wayfaring ways a little more seriously this week in honor of Yom Kippur, one of the “biggie” holidays in the eyes of the Jewish people. After an entire year of sins and wrongdoings, the Jews believe in one day each year where we can ask for God’s forgiveness and atonement. What can...
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A Sweet New Year

Another great week began here in Israel as I celebrated an important Jewish holiday with a friendly family from Be’er Sheva. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, one of the teachers from my school invited me to join her and her family in a traditional Rosh Hashanah Seder to ring in the new year. The...
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I’m Not in Kansas (City) Anymore

Over the past two weeks, I’ve come to the realization that this strange desert town I call home is just about as opposite from my life in Kansas City as it could possibly get. Besides the fact that I am trying out a completely new profession, I’m also exposed to a new culture with its...
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Shabbat in the Sun

Tel Aviv; the startup capital of the world and Israel’s second largest city. LGBT friendly. Night owl friendly. Overall, a city of sun and fun and after only two weeks in Israel, my roommates and I were itching to visit the beautiful “white city” (named for the worlds largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings). With a couple...
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Northern Heights

After a couple days of settling into our new digs, the group from Be’er Sheva took a break from the desert and traveled north to the Golan Heights. For those who aren’t familiar, the heights are in the northern part of Israel where a mountainous, green terrain lends to beautiful views and a much needed...
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All That Glitters

The travel day arrived and like a scene out of a movie I waved goodbye to my two Jewish mothers, both staying strong in the midst of my mini panic, and took off on a journey to the land of Israel. After a 19 hours of airport travel, my flight finally made it across the Atlantic...
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How To Pack for 10 Months in the Desert

Staring into the abyss of clothes that now covered every inch of my bedroom floor, I looked to Rosie (the world’s cutest dog) for advice. Her answer – walking away to retrieve another one of her toys – told me that I was in this one alone. The shock set in that I was fitting a life...
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Plans are for Pansies

On my 15 hour drive back home to the good ol’ south, it became painfully clear that the dangerous amount of alone time I had would likely lead to my first blog post. The roads were fairly empty, with the majority of cars filled with like-minded travelers ready to get a long Sunday drive over with. As I passed through St....
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