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Welcome to Wayfaring Miss, a personal blog devoted to sharing a twenty-something’s view on the world. Whether it’s traveling the corners of the globe, international dating tips, or working through hot-button social issues, let me be your guide into the Millennial mind. Yes, that’s right, I’m a twenty-something that sees the need to discuss the meaning of Tinder in today’s dating world and what economic, social and governmental issues are relevant in our world.

I recently became a citizen of Israel and am starting a new life in Tel Aviv. In this extraordinarily diverse and eclectic city, I am excited to continue to learn about myself and world around me, one pita falafel at a time.


Truth Talk

I’ve made some definitive life changes in last few months and decided to keep a collection of my thoughts and ideas on the web so I can share with the world. And by “world,” I mean my mom and a few friends.

What’s my goal for Wayfaring Miss? Well, if you’re leaving my site even slightly more prepared, energized or excited for life’s next big slap in the face, I’ll consider it a success!

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A little more about me…

    • Traveling the world is something I will never take for granted. It makes me truly happy.
    • When appropriate, I enjoy acting like a child. Kids always come up with better ideas.
    • Coffee inspires me in ways that big books and famous art can’t.
    • Social media is entirely too overwhelming, but it’s important and I am allowing it into every part of my life.
    • Avocados, mint ice cream and Thai food are my reason for existence.
    • WE ARE…Penn State!
    • Kansas City, Missouri is the undiscovered gem of the Midwest.
    • Lisbon, Portugal is the undiscovered gem of Europe.
    • There are no undiscovered gems in South Carolina – let me know if you find any!


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